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At Turf-Way Lawn Care in Antioch, TN, we love when people call and say, “Hello, I am looking for a lawn service near me," because that’s us! 

We offer competitive estimates for our expert yard services. Compared to other lawn fertilizer companies, we know lawns have different needs, so we create customized plans with premium products to keep your lawn healthy and luscious year-long. 

About Us:
We know you have a choice in lawn care companies, so that's why we stay on top of current trends to provide the latest techniques for lawn care in Antioch, TN. We began our yard service career with a reputable lawn care company in 1973. When our family and friends kept asking, "Could you recommend a lawn service near me?" we decided to start our certified lawn care business in 1995. 

Turf-Way Lawn Care in Antioch, TN proudly offers "The Way To A Beautiful Lawn" with our wide range of quality lawn care services that include:
     • Lawn Fertilization
     • Broad Leaf Weed Control
     • Power Seeding With Aerovation
     • Pre-emergent Treatments
     • Fungicide And Lawn Insecticide Treatments
     • Grub & Mole Control Treatment Plans 

All lawn fertilizer companies know that quality supplements are essential for a well-maintained lawn. At Turf-Way Lawn Care, we customize your fertilization plan to fully enhance the natural nutrients in your soil for healthy, green lawn that will survive adverse weather conditions. 

Broadleaf Weed Control:
This process rids your yard of broadleaf weeds like dandelion, clover, chickweed, and other intruders that grab resources away from the turf and disrupt your lawn’s texture. 

Power Seeding With Aeration:
Most lawn care companies use aeration during the seeding process. This simple procedure allows oxygen and nutrients to seep into the ground. At Turf-Way Lawn Care, we’re proud to utilize a process called aeration. Using a special machine outfitted with vibrating tines, we burrow down into your soil to provide a deeper and more active nesting ground for seeds to germinate successfully. Our powerful equipment allows us to maximize the seeding process for superior results. 

Pre-emergent Treatments
Do you have crabgrass? You need to remove it because it robs your lawn of precious nutrients. At Turf-Way Lawn Care, we recommend you invest in our proprietary pre-emergent treatments for crabgrass control. This add-on service will rid your yard of “bad” grass, allowing the “good” grass to successfully flourish. 

Fungicide and Lawn Insecticide Treatments
A diseased lawn has unappealing brown spots. If your grass becomes unhealthy from a fungus or pesky insects, we'll determine the cause and create a treatment plan customized to your lawn's needs. Even if your lawn is healthy, we recommend proper treatment to avoid any issues in the future. Cure and prevention are ideal courses of action for a beautiful yard year-round. 

Grub and Mole Control Treatment Plans:
We’ll periodically scan and assess your lawn for signs of a grub infestation, and create a safe elimination plan. 

Think you might have moles in your lawn? Ask about our Mole Treatments using "Mole Scram," a proprietary blend of oils and peppers that make the moles run away, no traps needed. 

Turf-Way Lawn Care in Antioch, TN has been family owned for over 22 years. We continually educate our certified and loyal applicators. Our 750+ satisfied customers are pleased to see the same smiling faces every time visit, and we’re happy to make your lawn the very best
it can be. Call to schedule your yard service today. 

We provide quality lawn care in Antioch, TN as well as for our neighbors in:
     • Franklin TN,
     • Brentwood, TN,
     • Murfreesboro TN,
     • Smyrna, TN,
     • Mt. Juliet TN
     • Nashville TN
     • La Vergne TN
     • Bellevue, TN