Fertilization Antioch TN

Most lawn fertilization companies don’t offer lawn treatment plans as comprehensive as the customized plans we provide at Turf-Way Lawn Care in Antioch, TN. 

Our six-stage application schedule is tailored to your lawn’s individual requirements every step of the way. 

With 22+ years in the yard services business, we’ve perfected and tested the top blends and products that are optimal for fertilization during different times of the year and the various stages of your lawn’s life. 

Among the many prominent ingredients in our premium treatment plan we include:

•    Phosphorus - healthy root development
•    Nitrogen - promotes the production of chlorophyll, which is responsible for making your grass a beautiful shade of green.
•    Potassium - a macronutrient, along with nitrogen and phosphorus

Phosphorus is often associated with healthy root development, but in truth, plants use it for many important growth processes. It is found inside plant cells as energy-rich phosphate bonds that are used to fuel the "metabolic machinery" and ultimately growth. Without phosphorus, leaf, root, and stem growth slows dramatically. 

Without potassium, your grass would be stunted and yellowed. Potassium is a macronutrient, along with nitrogen and phosphorus. It facilitates the internal processes of the plant's cells, including photosynthesis, respiration, absorption of water and increasing protein production. Potassium helps the grass build thicker cell walls which strengthens the plant so it can withstand external stresses such as drought, heat, cold, and disease. In addition to using a fertilizer with potassium, you can slowly increase the potassium available to the grass by using a mulching mower, which leaves the grass clippings on the lawn. The clippings decompose, making their potassium available for reabsorption by the grass' roots.

During our 22+ years of experience, we've learned that the ideal application of nitrogen is to apply the greatest amount during fall fertilization, a moderate amount in spring, and a slow-release blend during warm months for a lush and lovely lawn year-round. 

At Turf-Way Lawn Care, we know every lawn has individual needs during the various months and even during different years depending on the yearly weather patterns. We assess and customize the optimal treatment plan so you can be proud to own healthiest lawn in your neighborhood year after year. For example, some months might not require as much broadleaf control, so we'll just spot treat for weeds. And if your lawn needs to be seeded one year, we'll customize the proper course of action for optimal germination. 

The Turf-Way Lawn Care, Antioch TN Six Part Application Program

Application 1 - (January-February-March)
This fertilization application is designed to coax your lawn out of winter dormancy and consists of a broadleaf weed control, and a pre-emergent herbicide to control crabgrass. 

Application 2 - (March-April-May)
Fertilization along with broadleaf weed control will be applied at this time.

Application 3 - (May-June)
Here we use a slow-release fertilizer for optimal nutrition. We also use an aggressive broadleaf blend formulated for the peskier weeds that emerge in warmer months. Will inspect for disease at this time and let you know if it is a problem

Application 4 - (July-August)
During the stress of the warm summer months, as in every application stage, we'll assess and customize your lawn needs. Fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides are applied as needed to prepare your yard for fall. We’ll also inspect for grubs now.

Application 5 - (September-October)
A thick lawn depends on proper root development, and the right fertilization blend in the fall will enhance and stabilize growth. We’ll also check for grubs now.

Application 6 - (November-December)
Fertilizer at this stage is customized to prevent winter stress and promote healthy root development. As well as to help with early spring clean-up.

Call Turf-Way Lawn Care today for your customized fertilization schedule. We provide quality lawn care in Antioch, TN, as well as our neighbors all over Middle Tennessee including Franklin, Brentwood, and Murfreesboro.