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La Vergne, TN was created in the late 1700's and has a current population around 34 thousand. The town is located 20 miles south of Nashville. La Vergne means “The Green.” The area is lush with magnificent trees, shrubbery, and green pastures to live up to its namesake. 

La Vergne, TN is home to a year-round farmer’s festival, plus the town hosts an annual 4th of July celebration. Other festivals include:
     • The Old Timers Festival in the Summer
     • Howl At The Moon 5K Run that takes place in October
     • The Trail Of Treats that takes place in December

Some of the leading employers in La Vergne, TN are:
     • Ingram Book Company
     • Bridgestone/Firestone Inc.
     • Schneider Electric:
     • Cardinal Health
     • Lightning Source Publishing

With its abundance of beautiful scenery, La Vergne, TN is home to several excellent parks:
     • Bicentennial Park - Features baseball diamonds and scenic picnic areas
     • Brookside Park - Beautiful green play space and magnificent walking trails
     • Mankin Park - Is home to a fun playground, a large picnic area, exercise trails. 

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