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Smyrna, TN was once called one of the best places to retire in the United States by U.S. News & World Reports magazine. The area holds onto its small-town charm with a close-knit population of over 43 thousand and is a quick 25-minute drive to the big city lights of Nashville, TN. 

Smyrna, TN was founded in 1869 and was once home to Stewart Air Force base, an outstanding training facility during World War II. 

In recent years, several new companies have relocated to Smyrna, TN including:
     • Nissan - car manufacturer
     • Vi-Jon - make of personal care products
     • Taylor Farms - producer of fruits and vegetables

Parks And Recreation:
Smyrna, TN is full of grass and greenery and boasts a whopping 800 acres set aside for recreational activities that include:
     • Ten safe and clean public parks
     • Over 12 miles of scenic trails and greenways
     • A 3,000-square-foot outdoor water play area right in the heart of town

Turf-Way Lawn Care in Antioch, TN proudly offers a broad range of quality lawn care services for the fine residents of Smyrna, TN.

At Turf-Way Lawn Care, we'll customize your lawn fertilization plan to fully enhance the natural nutrients in your soil for a healthy, green lawn that will survive adverse weather conditions. We offer a six-part, year-round application system.

With 22+ years in the yard services business, we’ve perfected and tested the top blends and products that are optimal for fertilization during different times of the year and the various stages of your lawn’s life. 

Other lawn services we offer include:
     • Broad Leaf Weed Control
     • Power Seeding With Aerovation
     • Pre-emergent Treatments
     • Fungicide And Lawn Insecticide Treatments
     • Grub & Mole Control Treatment Plans

Call Turf-Way Lawn Care today, and we'll be delighted to provide you with our recommendations for proactive and preventative measures that will bring out the very best in your lawn.