Powerseeding Antioch TN

A big question we continual get from our wonderful Turf-Way Lawn Care customers is “Why do we have to seed our yard every few years?

The truth is, hot summer days in Middle Tennessee can wreak havoc on even the healthiest of lawns, causing unsightly and embarrassing dead spots to appear in your yard. Fortunately, restoring your lawn to its natural full and healthy luster is possible with a process called Power Seeding. At Turf-Way Lawn care in Antioch, TN we know the Way To A Beautiful Lawn is possible with the help of Power Seeding. This method differs from how most of our competitors lay grass seed, and we feel it's the most efficient way to fill up empty spots that mar the look of your lawn. 

The Key Components Of The Turf-Way Lawn Care Power Seeding Method Are:
     • Aerovation not Aeration
     • Slit Seeder
     • Knowledge of the optimal growing times

Our Power Seeding Process
Most lawn care companies use aeration during the seeding process. This process allows oxygen and nutrients to just seep into the ground. At Turf-Way Lawn Care, we’re proud to use a process called Aerovation. Using a machine outfitted with tines that vibrate left and right, the device fractures the soil to provide a deeper and more active nesting ground for seeds germinate successfully. While we may charge a little more on the seeding, our powerful equipment allows us to maximize the seeding process for superior results. In combination with the Aerovatore, we use a Slit Seeder that creates tiny cuts in your turf so we can drop grass seed directly down into the ground for optimal growth. 

Power Seeding injects seed directly into the ground. Seed-to-soil contact is critical for efficient germination and delivers more timely results regarding new grass growth. Because the seed is dropped into slits in the soil, Power Seeding is more effective.  

Turf-Way Lawn Care in Antioch, TN has been family owned for over 22 years. We’re continually educating our staff about the latest lawn care and seeding techniques. We highly recommend power seeding take place during the fall months. We’ve learned the slightly cooler weather, and soil conditions are optimal for effective seed germination. Every yard has individual needs to stay healthy year-round, and we can help you determine a customized course of lawn care that includes our exclusive power seeding method. 

We’re happy to offer quality lawn care in Brentwood TN, Franklin TN, Murfreesboro TN, Smyrna TN, Mt. Juliet TN, Nashville TN, La Vergne TN, Bellevue TN, and Antioch TN.

Call Turf-Way Lawn Care today and speak to a power seeding specialist. We’ll restore and maintain your lawn to fresh and healthy luster all year-round!