Weed Control Antioch TN

Did you know there are 1000’s of broadleaf weeds that could invade your lawn at any time?

Boasting 22+ years of top-notch weed control services, Turf-Way Lawn Care in Antioch TN has learned the names of every one of those pesky invaders, so you don’t have too. 

Common Broadleaf weeds:
     • Dandelion
     • Clover
     • Chickweed

These intruders take precious resources away from your grass and disrupt your lawn’s texture. 

Weed Control Education
At Turf-Way Lawn Care, we'll create a weed control plan using premium products customized to your lawn’s individual needs for a weed-free and healthy lawn all year long. Our highly trained applicators stay up-to-date about the vast array of weed control chemicals, so they know what weed control blend they’re spraying on your lawn and why. 

Different Weed Control Plans for Each Season
Unlike other lawn care companies, Turf-Way Lawn Care believes vigilant weed control takes place all year-round. After we determine the problem weeds in your area, we create an application schedule for optimal results. 

Individual weed species germinate at different periods of the year. January weeds are distinct from those you'll see in April and August. That's why Turf-Way Lawn Care will customize a weed control plan tailored for each season for effective near-eradication year-round. So, a weed control program for May will differ than the plan for September, and some months might require us just to spot treat for weeds. 

Cold Season Weed Control
During the colder winter months, weed control products don't work at peak performance levels, but at Turf-Way Lawn Care, unlike our competitors, we feel a 50% success rate is better than not providing any weed control at all during this time of year. 

Weed Control in Warmer Months
During the warmer season, heavy weed control is not recommended by Turf-Way Lawn Care. Your lawn is under more stress in the summer, and strong chemicals could weaken your grass. Summer is the time of year we'll just spot treat for weeds and use as little of weed control herbicide as possible to get the job done. This course of action is safer for the environment and better for the long-term health of your lawn. 

How Does a Lawn Get Weeds?
During periods of rain and sun, mother nature will spread weed seeds into the sparse areas of your lawn. That's why we are vigilant about continuous weed control during the entire year. Our proprietary blends of herbicide are custom-made to the needs of your lawn for optimal weed control. Our years of experience have taught us that different types of herbicides work better at killing various kinds of weeds. Call the experts today at by Turf-Way Lawn Care in Antioch, TN. We’ll be happy to come up with your plan for a beautiful and weed-free lawn.